Hey what is going on guys it's hero here hope you having a great day as always now the first ten people to follow me on my Twitter. Today we'll get a follow back and that's just to show my appreciation. To all of the early people who come to my channel now I've been uploading twice a day but I haven't been consistent with upload time so i'm going to set out a schedule and try to.

Be really consistent with my upload times and upload at the, same time every day i play pokemon go everything okay i'm not gonna go there uh-huh in this, video but anyways guys this video is about the battleship class in deep thought I oh now you guys probably have already. Seen some videos about this class when it first came out it kind of. Sucked but now I feel like the class is very versatile now in case you're not familiar with the spec tree to unlock this class you select sniper then you select overseer and.

Then you're going to have the option. For you know overlord necromancer or this battleship class and those are my top three favorite classes by the way in deep thought I owe solely because. You get to spawn drones is that you get to control the movements of your drones and I just love that. Dynamic in the game I think my by far the necromancer is my favorite class there's just something so cool about possessing blocks and then having them, do your bidding it's like having a bunch of minions and who doesn't want an army of minions but, anyways this drone class is really cool as well I really like, this class for a few reasons one is just the amount of drones that spawn you get a ton of little drones and you can swarm enemies as you can see. Here he's just getting swarmed and when. You're going up against this class can be pretty intimidating because once you get close quarters with this class you were going to be fully surrounded by these drones, it's like a bunch of bees attacking you right. There defending their nest and the nest is your tank basically so you know they were spot on with the name battleship or they probably could. Have called it though the queen bee class but people would be like. What the hell that's something I would name a class but it's a good thing that they called it battleship but anyways guys you know I just want to talk about the pros and. Cons in this class now this class is really good against those glass cannon type build but if you're going up against, someone that has a ton of health. You are just going to be sitting there for days and they're probably just going to be able to outmaneuver you because the thing with these drones is that they do expire, after they go a certain length like once they go, so far they just expire so you do have to get really close to people and that opens you, up to you know classes just destroying you so in terms of leveling this class, in terms of what you're going to put your points in keep in mind like things like bullet speed bullet damage etc when you pick a class that has, drones it's going to switch over to bullet excuse me drone damage and drone speed so just be mindful, of that and how you want to play and how you want to use your drones I think the best way to use this class is by pushing people. Into corners because once you get them into the. Corner you can trap them and then you can just hammer them with your drum I think that's, the best way to play this class for now and then I would put a few points into maybe your health like max health and if you're going to max health max, region route you're going to have to sacrifice some points on maybe some damage obviously you're going to need to compensate, somewhere else to, get those points because you can't just level up everything you do have to spend your points wisely but guys that's pretty much it for this class I hope you enjoyed this, video come back a few hours from now for. The second video of the day thank you guys so much for your support much love to you guys and I'll see you in the next video .